The Nishino Breathing Method and Ki-Energy


The Nishino Breathing Method and Ki-Energy

Posted by Siegbert Engel in Gesundheit, Qigong 28 Dez 2009

tao_yin_yang3An interesting study about the Nishino breathing method, which is quiet comparable with some Qigong techniques, the effects of Qi (jap.: Ki) and the challenge to traditional scientific thinking:

“The breathing method, which was developed and is being taught by Kozo Nishino, a Japanese Ki-expert, is for raising the levels of Ki-energy (life-energy or the vitality) of an individual. It is neither a therapy nor a healing technique. However, many of his students have experienced an improvement in their health, and in some cases, they were able to overcome health problems by themselves. Since this is an interesting subject from the standpoint of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), we have been collaborating with Nishino to conduct a scientific investigation of his Ki-energy. We found that Nishino’s Ki-energy can inhibit cell division of cancer cells, protect isolated mitochondria from heat deterioration and reduce lipid peroxidation in heat-treated mitochondria.”

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